Whitewater rafting in Oradea

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Enjoy a trip down the river in an inflatable boat. Row to the 'finish line' while admiring the picturesque landscapes which unfold before your eyes. 

Venue Oradea

Price for: 1 person

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Join the other participants and work as a team to get through the white water rafting excitement and river challenging. During your trip with the inflatable boat, you will encounter fast and swirling waters and you'll need to row in order to guide the boat around any obstacles.

Whitewater rafting depends on water level. Therefore, this activity can only take place if the water is deep enough. Once you arrive to the venue, we will ensure that you will go through a safety briefing, meeting your professional instructor who will escort you during this experience.

So we start with a safety briefing and a presentation of rowing techniques; then, under the guidance of our qualified instructor, you will go down the river, in an inflatable boat, for about one and a half hours. Whitewater rafting can get you into a state of pure excitement. Your adrenaline will rise to the maximum level and you will experience thrills you've never felt before. During the activity, you will be protected by full neoprene suits, which are included in the price.

This is guarantee unforgettable adventure! 

Venue: Oradea

Exact location, directions and meeting place will be available to you once you have purchased your voucher(s). This information is listed on Activity Pass- the document which confirms your booking. You must book and complete your activity prior to voucher’s expiry date.

Voucher valid for: 12 months

How long this activity takes: because the routes are physically soliciting, the white water rafting experience will last around 1 – 1.5 hours.

Minimum number of people required: 1

Minimum age required: 14 years old (with parental approval)

Maximum age required: does not apply

Weather: the activity depends on water level, but it doesn’t depend on the weather conditions, since the neoprene suits offer thermal comfort.

Spectators and Family: are welcome to watch you. There are places from where they can take photos or film the boats.

More Info:

  •  The rafting activity takes place on the Crisul Repede river
  •  Your transfer to the location is not included
  •  Please inform us if you have any medical issues that can affect your health after practicing this activity
  •  Participants need to have a reasonable physical condition
  •  There is no weight limit
  •  Knowing how to swim is not mandatory. The equipment offers floatability
  •  This activity is not recommended for pregnant women
  •  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing glasses or not

This activity is running from May to August every year, on customer demand, depending on availability.

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Whitewater rafting in Oradea

Whitewater rafting in Oradea

Enjoy a trip down the river in an inflatable boat. Row to the 'finish line' while admiring the picturesque landscapes which unfold before your eyes.