Responsibility Policy

Transylvania Live is a socially, economical and ecologically responsible organization. We are an organization focused on profit, but we seek long term profit, obtained with respect towards the community and towards the environment.

Together with our partners, we aim to lead a responsible business policy, which supports local economies, culture and the environment. Our purpose is to maximize the positive impact that our activity brings to the local communities. In order to plan our long term future, we have to contribute at the development and durable sustaining of the activities, acknowledging our responsibilities.

Economic Responsibility

It is important for the benefits of activity gifts to remain to the local communities. This way, we support local suppliers, many of them being family businesses.

We actively encourage our guest to buy locally produced foods and handicrafts. Using locally run businesses, and small family run businesses, (such as Mioritica country-inn in Sibiel, a village near by Sibiu, the guest houses of Ilea family in Ieud in the traditional Maramures or the traditional peasant houses run by the villagers of Rimetea, a small village in the heart of Apuseni Mountains), means the revenue generated is well dispersed into communities where it is needed the most.

Transylvania Live works with country-inns, guest houses, peasant houses, most of them located in rural areas, as all these places have a great respect for the environment: the food is mostly organic, they try to minimize as much as possible the amount of electricity used, most of these places do not have central heating and for domestic works use water from wells.

We recognize how profound the effects of tourism can be so we rather operate with small groups, always make sure that our tourists have a recyclable garbage bag and that the waste will be disposed only on the special arranged areas, our tourists receive prior to their arrival in Romania, a document - Responsible Tips for Responsible Travellers- offering them advice and suggestions on how to be a responsible traveller and improve their knowledge about the regions they visit; keeping to tracks, not disturbing wildlife and using bio-degradable hygiene products are measures that we take for our walking tours.

Social and Charity Arrangements

Transylvania Live is very active within the community and help to sustain our region through a wide variety of civic projects: Saint Daniels’s Foundation in Turda, providing homes for elderly and orphans, the workshop of woodcraftsman Grigore Tulean from Maramures, Madame Monica Cosma’s shop in Biertan offering the finest selection of genuine handicraft objects in Romania, the work shop of Emil Muresan, the painter who uses spider web for his work are only a few examples. It is normal for our tours to visit places in need of support and revenue generated by tourism, which in turn help maintains peoples’ livelihoods and natural environment.

We support Saint Daniel’s Foundation programme entitled “A grandfather for a nephew - A nephew for a grandfather”. With one eco-friendly home already complete eight more homes are being built to house people most in need; orphans and the elderly. To this highly innovative project we offer continuous administrative support, donate food and drinks for the visiting sponsors, and we’re also making financial contributions for every person who books one of our tours: £1 per person.


Responsibility towards the environment

Our customers are offered advice and suggestions regarding how to be responsible towards the environment while taking part in the activities.

We require our partners to minimize the impact that their actions have over the environment.

Responsibility begins at home – at our headquarters, we apply the following responsible policies:

  • We know you prefer the shadow of a dense forest to a printed voucher, which is why we usually send you an electronic voucher, unless you choose to receive a printed version.
  • We minimize the quantity of paper used, by organizing most of our internal documents in electronic format; when we absolutely need to print something for internal use, we use the back of a paper that we don’t need anymore; we recycle used paper, giving tree cutting a little break.
  • We save energy by using, mostly, laptops, which consume 10% of the energy a desktop computer would use; we have the ‘Sleep mode’ activated on them so that they’d shut down if they are not being used
  • We have a person designated to verify that the lights and the electric devices are shut down if they are not used; the same person makes sure the water taps are properly shut down and that the heating system is only functional when it’s needed. Also, we have isolated the office building with ecologic material in order to avoid wasting heat.
  • In order to reduce air pollution, we are organizing most of our meetings with our partners online or through the telephone.

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