The Activity Gifts Supermarket Team

The members of the Activity Gifts Supermarket team are, jokingly, called ‘Activists’. It’s possible that, because of the professional way they treat customers in, this word gets a different meaning.

For each client who comes in contact with our team, one of the ‘activists’ will help him/her to find the proper activity gift. We don’t know which ‘activist’ will answer your request. What we do know is that the result will be the same; you will be helped, with maximum concern, to find the perfect gift idea for the person you want to offer a valuable memory to.

These said, let’s meet the ‘Supreme Commanders’!

Hertha Todea


Commanding Experience Officer

Cristina Rotar COO
Comanding Operations Officer
Andreea Szocs CMO
Commanding Marketing Officer
Andreea Grozav CMO
Commanding Marketing Officer
Alin Todea BDM
Business Development Manager
Mirela Potinteu PA to BDM
Personal Assistant to BDM
Claudia Palfi CDO
Chief Data Officer
Marius Lobontiu CBM
Chief Brand Manager
Mihai Gheghesi CAO
Chief Administrative Officer
Adrian Trim CBA
Consulting Business Architect
Marinela Degeratu CRO
Consulting Recruitment Officer
Adina Maior

Consultant Tax Optimisation

Alex Marian CSO
Consulting Security Officer
Boris Gusan CLO
Consulting for Law and Order
Little Hami
Head Hunter
(smells new employees, barks at imaginary suspects)

Espresso Machine

Coffee Creation Officer