Privacy and Copyright

We have to collect some personal data from you in order to be able to issue and cash the invoice. This information, which you are supplying to us, is protected by the law.

The owner of website is the Transylvania Live SRL trading company. The company is registered at the National Authority of Supervising The Processing of Personal Data with number 20762 and it respects the private status and the security of processing the personal data of each individual who is accessing this website, in accordance with the provisions of Law 677/2001 for the persons' protection regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data and of Law 506/2004 regarding processing personal data and the protection of private life.


The purpose of data collecting:

Personal data is used for:

- Placing online orders

- Confirming the purchase of gift vouchers online

- Supplying extra information regarding the activity gifts

- Signing-up for our loyalty programs by creating an account on our site

- Sending offers, newsletters should you choose to receive them

Our privacy policy ensures you that we are taking all the precautions so that your e-mail will not be distributed, published or posted anywhere.


Anti-spam statement

Transylvania Live forbids using the company's internet and e-mail domains for the distribution of unsolicited commercial announcements (the so-called spam, junk or bulk e-mail). If you receive any unsolicited announcements from us, we encourage you to report the matter to us and we can assure you that we will look into the cause and take immediate measures so that this thing doesn't happen again.


Copyright statement

The information published on this site and on all sites belonging to Transylvania Live is copyright Transylvania Live. The copyright information includes but is not limited to the company name, the site names, the business names, the postal and e-mail addresses, the names of people, photos, videos and phone numbers. Copying, reproducing or renting this information for any purpose, including direct marketing, through mail or e-mail, is strictly forbidden.

Exceptions from the things mentioned above are the press releases, the media pack and the information that can be found on the site and used, as a whole or in part, for articles, reviews, analysis or presentations in written press, TV or new media, with the condition of mentioning, as a source, the site or of the Activity Gifts Supermarket name.