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The most frequent mistakes people make when looking for a gift

Making someone a gift is not an easy mission; the last thing you want is to disappoint or even offend that person after spending a lot of money on a gift. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make and some solutions that are guaranteed to succeed.


The same gift made twice to the same person

I gifted the same book to a friend of mind twice. Two years had passed and I forgot that I had already gifted him that book. My friend had a good laugh. To date, he still owns the two copies of the book, which has an inverted mermaid on the cover (meaning the top part is a fish and the bottom part a woman). This is the story of Cristi G, employed at a commercial bank. Now, Cristi has an account on a website specialized in making gifts, so he has a clear account on what gifts he made to whom. He connects with his username and password and he checks it out.

You can use this solution to avoid making the same mistake as he did.


The coat is too large or too small

What, you're making her fat? Or you think he's so small? Let your loved ones pick their own clothes.


Used stuff

Don't wrap a book which already has your name written on it or which has coffee stains on the pages or notes written in pen around the text. It's a gift which shows bad taste and reveals that you are a miser.


Irrational gifts

If he has an alcohol problem and he wants to quit, don't gift him a bottle of whiskey. If he's a non-smoker, don't give him cigarettes. If he has diabetes, don't give him a big box with a purple cow on it (chocolate). Don't give him perfume if he's asthmatic. If she's a grandmother, don't buy her a short skirt. For a tennager, a doll is not a good gift. Think before buying! Oh, and, don't forget, never gift someone a book with diets for weight loss! I don't have to explain why.


Subjective gifts

Home decorations, vases or dishes are considered things that people choose for themselves. You put someone in a delicate position if you gift them. It would be disrespectful to you if he doesn't put them somewhere they can be seen at , and he/she'll be stressed if she has to see them every day only as a sign of respect. Pets are in this category as well. You may find hamsters cute, but maybe your grand-daughter is scared of them.


Solutions that are guaranteed to work

If you want to make an original gift, which shows how much you appreciate someone, you don't necessarily have to offer a material gift. There are supermarkets from where you can buy Activity Gifts, life experiences and adventures which you can offer to your loved ones as gifts. If you only gifted objects so far, now, in a materialist society, you can choose to make gifts which will create the celebrated unforgettable memories.


Activity Gifts Supermarket offers buyers the occasion to generate an elegant voucher, with a text saying from whom, to whom and a nice message. All you have to do is choose an activity from the site and generate your gift voucher instantly.


You can choose between water activities, such as Dinner on the Ship or Sailing Lesson, underwater, such as Scuba Diving Lesson or on land, such as Enduro Experience or Off-Road Lesson.


Activities which involve flight are also effective ideas. Leisure flights in over 30 Romanian cities; Flight Lessons or even a Dog Fight (a simulation of a sky battle between two planes). You can offer a gift voucher through


For the more pretentious, you can buy Gift Vouchers for Helicopter Flights, Leisure Flights, Champagne Flights or Heli Dining - a helicopter flight which includes landing at a restaurant to serve dinner and transfer back. Details on


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