Transylvania Live Holding

Started as a tourism agency specialized in incoming for English and Spanish speaking markets, defined as “Expert in Transylvania”, the company extended its activity.

Rent Helicopters

Rent Helicopters, one of the most important helicopter rental brokers in Eastern Europe, supplies customers and organizations with solutions of air transportation, tailored to their travel needs, representing the interests of the customers in relation with the service suppliers. Rent Helicopters negotiates competitive prices for customers, creates backup solutions, and organizes the logistics of offsets and the way the customers reach their destinations up to the smallest details. Rent Helicopters offers the public heli sports and companies professional solutions of helicopter lifting in the constructions sector, or air filming for cinematography and television. The Rent Helicopters manager is a member of Helicopter Association International, an organization which militates for safety during helicopter flights, encourages professionalism and promotes the contribution brought by helicopter flights to society.

Transylvania Live – Expert in Transylvania

The tourism agency specialized in incoming is a market leader in Dracula and Halloween tours in Transylvania; it uses the Dracula brand as a hook to attract tourists in Romania and show them traditions and superstitions, culture, artists, popular craftsmen and Transylvanian landscapes. Due to the creativity of our tours, Fodors Travel Guide included them in the Top 10 Must-Do Adventure; Travel Channel and many other western televisions and radios broadcasted shows about them. Launched in 1995, the Transylvania Live – Expert in Transylvania agency, specialized in incoming, continuously seeks to offer new, valuable services to the customers and to optimize the services offered at standards with which western tourists are used to. Transylvania Live- Expert in Transylvania is a member of American Society of Travel Agents, organization which promotes excellence in tourism, Responsible Travel UK, organization which promotes responsible tourism and European Network for Accessible Tourism. These organizations ensure customers that our company maintains high standards of customer protection.


Adventure Motorcycle Tours and Rentals SRLID

Tourism agency specialized in selling motorcycle tours and motorcycle rentals on five continents. Its purpose is to obtain a spot in the Top 10 Motorcycle Tourism Operators. The agency has 10 BMW motorcycles (R 1200 GS, F800 GS, F650 GS) and an off-road vehicle, equipped with a special trailer for motorcycle transport. The agency developed a network of suppliers, making sure that you can rent motorcycles everywhere possible. The actions of promoting motorcycle tourism in Romania brought presentations of our country in tourism specialized press from USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Spain and Germany.


Transylvania Live Advertising

Entity responsible of the image of the Transylvania Live group and of the marketing activities: Public Relations, commercials, social media, Customer Service policies, promotions and affiliations of the group. The advertising agency is also specialized in radio commercials campaigns, through the radio station for which it has the broadcast license. The agency has a recording studio at the ground level of the office building of the Transylvania Live group and also activates in the cable TV domain.


Activity Gifts Supermarket

After 5 years in which Rent Helicopters sold flight gift activities successfully, through the distribution network, we decided, in 2011, to extend the gift vouchers to other activities, which don’t necessary include flying. Launched in 2011, Activity Gifts Supermarket is a logical continuation of the successful Flight Gift Vouchers brought to the customers by Rent Helicopters. Activity Gifts Supermarket is a platform which helps people make presents to their loved ones, replacing material gifts with experiences which can create emotions and lasting memories.