About Us

Active, professionals, innovative and extremely positive; we are addicted to fun. We are giving the best of us in order to satisfy our customers. That's why we are inviting you to have fun with us or to give your loved ones the opportunity to have fun!

We want to ensure you that you will experience unforgettable moments when you own an Activity Gift Supermarket gift voucher. Even though our success helped us grow a lot, we are doing our best to keep the same customized and careful attitude towards each of our clients.

Our Mission:

Your jollification – this is how we have a field day!

We create happy unforgettable moments.

We provide you with solutions to see the loved ones happy.


Our Vision:

We are offering you a portfolio of ingenious activities, developed at national level.

It is great working at our company and this makes us give the best of us in order to have happy customers.

We are working for profit, but we are interested in long-term profit.

We are responsible socially, economically and towards the environment.



We see gifts as activities stored forever in our minds not as material goods stored and forget in our mansard.

We are leaders, when we start a job, we’re doing it great!



After 5 years in which Rent Helicopters sold flight gift activities successfully, through the distribution network, we decided, in 2011, to extend the gift vouchers to other activities, which don’t necessary include flying.

Launched in 2011, Activitati Cadou Supermarket is a logical continuation of the successful Flight Gift Vouchers brought to the customers by Rent Helicopters.