Value Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers are Instant Presents, available at any hour, for any occasion. Whether you choose an Activity Gifts Voucher or a Value Gift Voucher, you're at your best with the greatest present.

Value Gift Vouchers are the best solution if you can’t decide which activity to chose. Offer the celebrated one the possibility of making his choice.

About the Value Gift Voucher:

Value Gift Voucher is a nominal certificate that entitles the holder, up to the value stated on the Voucher, to choose one of a range of activities supplied by Activity Gifts Supermarket .

This Value Gift Voucher can also be used as partial payment, in case the chosen activity is more expensive than the voucher’s value.


The Value Gift Voucher is valid for 12 months. During this period, you have to choose and complete your activity. Each Value Gift Voucher is subject to the General Terms and Conditions published on

How to proceed if you own a Value Gift Voucher:

1)     Choose the activity. You have a large variety of Activity Gifts at your disposal.

2)     Add the activity to your Cart and follow the necessary steps to place your order.

3)     Fill in the field with Value Gift Voucher's code. Its value will be deducted from the total amount to be paid.

If you choose an activity that has a lower price than the value inscribed on the Value Gift Voucher, the remaining sum will be available to you until the voucher expires.

If you choose an activity that has a higher price than the value inscribed on the Value Gift Voucher, you need to pay the price difference.

Payment can be made through the following methods:

  • On-line
  • Bank wiring
  • PayPal

4)     You will receive a nominal Voucher, with the holder’s (the person who will complete the activity) name written on it. The nominal activity voucher is the Activity Gift Voucher, which will allow you to carry on the chosen activity. 

The Activity Gift Voucher contains two pages. The first page contains details regarding the chosen activity, the activity's code, holder's name, the area in which the activity takes place, the date until the voucher is valid, and the most important sections from the General terms & Conditions listed on our website. The second page of the voucher contains details about the activity you chose: a description, the specific terms and conditions and the activity's calendar.

The Value Gift Voucher and the Activity Gift Voucher are subject to the Terms and Conditions published on the website.

5)     Based on this nominal Activity Gift Voucher, you can book your activity.

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