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Everything was great Saturday and I was thrilled of the flight. The pilot was very professional and a good instructor. I will surely opt for this product again.

Alex Raileanu, Brasov – Flight lesson with an airplane


My name is Anda Apachitei, I chose your services to make a gift – a leisure flight with the airplane in Brasov and everything was perfect, according to my expectations. Thanks you! I will surely apply for more services.

Anda Apachitei, Brasov, - Leisure airplane flight in Brasov

Testimonial activitati cadou

Everything went absolutely wonderful, even the weather was on my side ‘cause it was great. The plane was also great, the pilot was amazing. I hope I’ll get to see him again. It was a complete excitement. I am very pleased of the way things went and, as far as I’m concerned, this was an A+ experience. Mr. Cristi seemed like a very good teacher. I listened to his professional instructions with great joy. I can’t wait for my next flight. Thank you for your support and for your services. I will recommend the firm to all my friends and I will purchase another activity as soon as possible.

Sorin Rosca, Bucuresti – Flight with a vintage biplane

109 of the participants to the Asesoft’s event in Poiana Brasov signed up for the helicopter flight above Bran Castle. At first, they were impatient, emotional, fearing; but, after the flight, everybody was pleased, stating that they’ve lived a unique experience – that of the first helicopter flight. A helicopter flight can offer a fantastic experience, which lightens up the mood and offers participants the possibility of admiring amazing landscapes from different angles. It’s very important for the team which offers these services to offer customers, besides the helicopters, the experience they’ve gained in time, through organizing several such events. I’m very pleased of the collaboration with Rent Helicopters and of the support received in organizing the helicopter tours for such a large group of people.

Madalina Dobre, Marketing Manager, Asesoft Distribution

Thank you very much, everything went better than I was expecting! It was hard to convince him at first, but once he got off the plane he told me that it was the best gift he ever received, and for this I wish to thank you. You are doing a great job and I recommend you dearly.

Adina Zota, Bucuresti

Yes, the ride was absolutely great!
The pilot was friendly, and the size of the champagne bottle was impressive!
Thank You ever so much for renting out that extra nice helicopter, I might even call it luxurious as it was really impressive. the experience was amazing,
Thank You!

Virginia F. Germany

Flying Gift Vouchers - Champagne Flight, Bucharest

Idee de activitati cadou pentru firme - Tururi cu elicopterul

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Transylvania Live - Rent Helicopters for making our trip (Helicopter escapade - A Glimpse of Transylvania, Tur cu elicopterul in Delta Dunarii) the fantastic event it was.
Your attention to detail and hospitality was incredible.

J.L. - Johanesburg, South Africa

Zbor de placere cu avionul in Bucuresti-cadou original

Thank you very much for helping me make this wonderful gift. My boyfriend was super thrilled! Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Raluca Matei, Bucharest

Explorari de pesteri in Brasov

Good Morning,

The experience was very interesting and the team of speleologists was great. It's wonderful meeting such passionate people.

Ioana Iordache - Cave exploring in Brasov for 2

I was at the off-road lesson and at the flight with the vintage plane. Both activities were awesome. The instructors explained the activities very well before and during them and afterwards... the big surprise. I got to drive. With the off-road vehicle, I drove over slopes I didn't think anything could pass through; and when I took the airplane's handle, it was 1050% adrenaline! Everything was extraordinary! Thank you for this memorable surprise!

Tiberiu Popescu, Bucharest - Off-road lesson; Flight with a vintage biplane


I was very pleased with the experience; the interaction with the animals was intense, it wasn't just a simple demonstration but I had the opportunity of handling the bird myself. The instructor is very passionate and managed to offer me a great experience. It was a beautiful gift which I will recommend further.

Cristian Szugyi - Initiation in handling prey birds in Sibiu


I would like to thank you for your wonderful services and I wish to congratulate you for what you are doing; for us, this was an unforgettable experience and I hope that, in the future, we will get to experience other activities that you are offering.

Claudiu Halmagean, Bucharest - Champagne Flight - Helicopter Flight for 2


The Gift Activity, consisting of a leisure flight, was a great experience. Flying in a small airplane is different from flying in an airliner because of multiple reasons: outward visibility is different, you get to see what the pilot does at all times, from starting the engines and taking off to the flight itself, the landing and the turning off of the engines. You also have the possibility of interacting with the pilot the whole time, receiving explanations. In conclusion, this is a great experience, which I strongly recommend to other people as well. Many thanks to the pilot, who is a professional and a great person, pleasant to his passenger, and who inspires a lot of trust. Thank you!

IonelSocea, Cluj-Napoca, Leisure airplane flight

We had a great time. It was a blast! It was a trip to be remembered.

Brad and John Ruppert, Seattle, USA - Zbor cu biplanul de epoca in Bucuresti;

Survol de placere cu avionul in Brasov


Thank you for the kindness you have supported us with while we were using our voucher. The whole process, from acquiring the voucher to the end of the activity, was very easy. The customer service was very good, it was a pleasure purchasing from you! The activity itself was fun, the people were likeable and talkative, the track with the rally vehicle was well taken care of and safe. I will honestly recommend my friends to try something new through your company :) A great experience is the best gift!

Irina, Bucharest - Experience with a rally car in Bucharest


The shooting lesson was fun and the instructor was very kind. We felt great and we will definitely return for more activities.

Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Bucur Alexandra, Bucharest - Shooting lesson in Bucharest


I never thought it would be possible to drive through the places I went at with a jeep prepared for off-road. I recommend this activity to every vehicle enthusiast, especially Jeep owners. Here, you will find out the true meaning of Off-road. The instructor was very kind. It was a great experience!

Bogdan Stoian, Bucharest - Off-road lesson in Bucharest


I want to thank you for the extraordinary experience which you have offered me through the photography course. I appreciate the fact that you helped me go through with the activity despite the fact that I didn't meet the requirements. It was definitely worth the wait.

Andreea Nica, Bucharest - Digital Photography Course in Bucharest


It was an old wish of mine to go on a helicopter flight, so I took advantage of this opportunity since it happened in our town. The experience was very pleasant, I could admire landscapes of the city which are otherwise impossible to see. The flight was weird enough because the wind was blowing very hard and the adrenaline was at its peak ;) It was an unforgettable experience and we want to thank you for a pleasant memory.

Ionut Matei, Turda - Helicopter flight at the Turda Salt Mine


As I promised, I return with extremely positive feedback. This will remain an unforgettable first sensation, a story to tell my grandchildren. Excellent organizing, dedicated instructor. I don't have any suggestions, but I would like to find packages with more flying hours. Flight fascinated me and it was the best gift I've received so far. Congratulations and good luck from now on.

Cleriana Ciornei, Bucharest - Airplane flying lesson in Bucharest


I appreciate the quality of your services very much. It's above anything one can find on the market right now, and this is why I will recommend you to all my friends. Regarding the experience, as I have told you the day before, it was very interesting and the personnel was very professional and business oriented. Overall, I'm very pleased.

Adrian Ghiris, Bucharest - Experience with a rally car in Bucharest


This experience was great, the pilot showed a real professionalism and made this flight hour very attractive. I think the idea you are promoting - of activity gifts, unique in some people's lives, is an extraordinary idea and I'm sure that you will have more and more people willing to offer such surprises. In our group of friends, we will surely repeat these kinds of gifts. Thank you for this special gift!

Cezar Ionut Pirvu - Airplane flying lesson in Bucharest

Thank you for everything! I enjoyed the activity a lot and I appreciated the fact that you were 'close' to me the whole time, from purchasing the voucher to going through the activity itself.

All the best!

Marius Gavanescu - Vintage biplane flight in Bucharest - 2014


Thank you for the organizing and the activity itself, which was great and unique. The instructor was kind, we had good weather and we felt great. We will definitely purchase other activities offered by you in the future.

Ana Maria Murariu - Initiation in sailing in Constanta - 2014

Thank you very much for the landscape and for the support you offered me before the activity took place. Two months ago I received a Gift Voucher for my birthday. I flew on Saturday, September 20th, with the vintage biplane over SnagovLake and it was a great experience which inspired me to try flight courses in the future :-) I felt the supreme freedom when I was in the sky, 200 meters above the ground and I enjoyed a wonderful view.

Simona Straut - Vintage biplane flight in Bucharest - 2014

I wanted to make a unique surprise and I wanted everything to be great. I want to thank the Gift Activities team for helping me fulfill my wish to accomplish an unforgettable airplane flight in a special winter day (for me). The professionalism everyone showed determines me to appeal to your services again in the future.

Ioana Roman - Champagne Flight - Airplane flight for 2 - 2014


Yes we did have a wonderful time, everything was perfectly organised and everytone was helpful and professional.We will surely try something else next time (will be in March most likely ..) Thanks

Hichem Touihri, Bucharest - Dinner at the palace and magician in Bucharest - 2015


It was perfect; thank you very much for your help and professionalism. I was pleasantly surprised. My girlfriend loved it and was not expecting it; both the limousine ride and the dinner were perfect. Thanks for everything! I will surely come back to you for more activities. Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Patrick Ciorcila, Cluj-Napoca- Dinner at the Palace in Turda/Cluj- 2015


It was great! I didn't crash the plane and I didn't kill the passengers :)) thank you!

Traian Dumitriu, Bucharest - Flight experience on an airliner simulator - 2015


My 20 minutes of flight will definetly be unforgettable! I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to spice up their lives with a drop of adrenaline. Flight with an ultralight airplane takes place in safety conditions, letting you live the moment without any worries. I want to thank the Activity Gifts team for this oportunity and the pilot for the experience!

Valentina Condruz, Bucharest - Scenic airplane flight in Bucharest - 2015


I flew on Saturday and it was amazing! The pilot is an excellent coach, he makes you feel safe the moment you get on the plane. Thank you very much for having the patience to schedule this event in accordance with my schedule, the weather or other constraints.

Best Wishes,
Mihai Crisan, Bucharest - Airplane flying lesson in Bucharest, 2015


It was an amazing gift from my colleagues. Vintage biplane flight is an unforgettable experience. The pilot, who is also a flight instructor and an engineer (he built the aircraft by himself) is a great person. I felt safe with him the whole time. I would repeat this experience!

Catalin Ignat, Bucharest - Vintage Biplane Flight - 2015

5 STARS!!!

Daniel Stefan, Bucharest - Experience with a rally car in Bucharest- 2015


It was a unique experience for me. Unique considering the light airplane I flew with, otherwise I fly quite frequently with commercial airliners and I think I have about 500 hours of flight as a passenger. I enjoyed great weather and an experienced and kind pilot, who answered all my questions. I also have to mention the support I received for validating my voucher and for the reservation (at the last minute).

Best wishes.

Adrian Petrareanu, Scenic airplane flight in Bucharest, 2015

Amazing experience! Extraordinary personnel! Thank you very much!

Ioana Calugareanu, Bucharest - Scenic airplane flight in Bucharest, 2015

It was perfect!!! Like the previous years, everything was excellent! I understood, from my husband, that the coach is an amazing person and we will definitely repeat this experience!

Have an amazing week! Alina.

Bogdan Dobrescu, Bucharest - Off-road lesson in Sighisoara - 2015

Thank you for your e-mail. The experience was very pleasant, I recommended you to my friends :) I was happy with the activity itself. I would have liked to speak directly with the person responsible with the activity. Anyway, besides this, I had a great experience with you and you were very helpful.

Good luck. Alexandra.

Alexandra Sferle, Bucharest - Experience with an airliner simulator, 2015

Hello! It was amazing! It was worth our effort! I will use your services in the future as well! Thank you!

Ana Maria Barbulescu, Bucharest - Dinner at the palace and limousine in Bucharest, 2015


It was a really cool experience! Towards the end of the flight, the pilot performed a bunch of... more exciting maneuvers, so I also experienced extreme sensations, which is something I liked very much.

As for your organization, if that's how you treat every customer (communication, e-mails with details, addresses, procedures), there's no wonder this business is very successful :)

Keep it up! Best wishes, Alex.

Alex Gurgulescu, Bucharest - Vintage biplane flight, 2015

Awesome!!! We will continue; if not us, then we will surely bring our daughter. For those who don't know, you can recommend bringing food for the horses. Carrots or apples. We didn't know, but now we have a reason to return and visit them again :) Thank you. Have a nice day!

Anca Godin, Constanta - Initiation in horse riding for 2 in Constanta, 2015.


The airplane flight was great and the biggest merit for this opinion belongs to the pilot, Mr. Marian. I found out, after the flight that he is one of the best flight instructors in the country. When it was done, I was sad that it didn't last more (you should think about options with a longer flying time). A day before, a colleague (who has a pilot's license) told me that after her first flight, she smiled continuously for three days. She was right. It is an amazing experience. Thank you!

Dan Schiopu, Bucharest - Scenic airplane flight in Constanta, 2015

Thank you for your e-mail. The flight was extraordinary; I can't wait to return for more flying lessons.

Have a great day! Sabina.

Sabina Preda, Bucharest - Airplane flying lesson in Bucharest, 2015.

It was a great experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity and the pleasure of completing it! Thank you very much for your services! I will recommend these kinds of activities to other people as well. Cheers!

Horatiu Feher, Targu Mures - Scenic airplane flight in Targu Mures - 2015

We really enjoyed flying with your pilot. He helped us accomplish everything we had planned and the airplane did its job properly.

Radu Coman, Bucharest - Scenic airplane flight with guests in Bucharest - 2015