Skydiving in Bucharest

309,00 €

Choose an exciting parachute tandem jump from a height of 3000 meters.

Venue Bucharest

Price for: 1 person

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Valid 12 months

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Choose an exciting parachute jump from a height of 3000 meters. Experience the unique feeling as you are slowly descending to the ground.

The main advantage of performing a tandem jump is that previous experience is not required. All you need to know is explained to you in a short briefing, held by the coach before the activity itself begins.

You will be strapped to our experienced instructor, who will make sure that you are permanently safe. The tandem jump is one of the most extreme experiences you can complete. It involves 30-35 seconds of free fall, and then the coach will open the parachute and you will float for about 5 minutes, until you reach the ground.

Voucher valid for: 12 months

How long this activity takes: around 5-7 minutes

Minimum number of people required: 1

Minimum age required: 18

Maximum age required: does not apply

Weather: we can’t control the weather; this activity depends on weather conditions

Spectators and Family: are welcome to watch you

More Info:

  • There is no weight limit; but people over 90 kilograms have to pay extra fees. Specifically, those who weigh between 90 and 110 kilograms must pay 10 Euros and those who weigh between 110 and 130 are charged an extra 30 Euros.
  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from epilepsy or from any heart conditions.
  • Your transfer to the location is not included
  • This activity is recommended to extreme sports enthusiasts. If you want something to remind you of this experience, you can choose to receive videos or photos (50 Euros for the video; 70 Euros for video + photos).
  • Please have in mind that, during winter, we not only have weather restrictions but also some airfields may be closed entirely. In this case, we will do our best to schedule your experience at a different venue.  

This activity is running throughout the year, depending on availability.

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Skydiving in Bucharest

Skydiving in Bucharest

Choose an exciting parachute tandem jump from a height of 3000 meters.