Dog fight experience in Timisoara

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This special activity, designed for daring people who love flying, will put you in the shoes of an airplane pilot during an air-air confrontation.

Venue Timisoara

Price for: 1 person

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Valid 12 months

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Experience the thrills of participating at an air fight, just like the ones that can be seen in the Top Gun movie. Let your adrenaline rise as you become an active participant in an unforgettable adventure.

Your activity begins with a short briefing with the pilots, who will explain to you the situations which occur during air-air confrontations, the battle strategies and the maneuvers which have to be executed. Then, you will board one of the two airplanes which will take off simultaneously from the runway. Once in the air, you will be able to take the handle and maneuver the plane under the pilot’s supervision.

You will participate, along with the pilots, at the execution of 6 aerial combat maneuvers which will make you feel overloads from -2G to +4G. You will have to target the “enemy” plane and open fire in order to take it down. After shooting, it will be your turn to perform evasive maneuvers in order to get rid of your pursuers. Traditionally, whoever manages to obtain five victories receives the title of “Ace of the Air”.

The pilot will make sure that you are landing safely. After landing, you will participate at a debriefing, where the conclusions will be drawn.

Optionally, you can purchase a DVD with the video recording of the battle, made with a camera placed on the plane’s hull, so that you will have a dynamic perspective over the aerial combat.


Venue: Timisoara

Exact location, directions and meeting place will be available to you once you have purchased your voucher(s). This information is listed on Activity Pass- the document which confirms your booking. You must book and complete your activity prior to voucher’s expiry date.

Please have in mind that this activity depends on the weather conditions and on obtaining all the approvals necessary for the flight. The commanding pilot has the responsibility to ensure maximum safety conditions during the flight; therefore he has the absolute authority to decide the interruption or postponing the mission at any time. We recommend you to book your activity in advance so that we will be able to reschedule if necessary.

Voucher valid for: 12 months

How long this activity takes: approximately 15 minutes

Minimum number of people required: 1

Minimum age required: 18

Maximum age required: does not apply

Weather: this activity depends on the weather conditions

Spectators and Family: are welcome to watch you

More Info:

  • There is a weight limit of 100 kilograms/person
  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women or for people suffering from epilepsy or from any heart conditions
  • Your transfer to the location is not included
  • We can make special arrangements for groups, on customer request
  • Please have in mind that, during winter, we not only have weather restrictions but also some airfields may be closed entirely. In this case, we will do our best to schedule your experience at a different venue.  

This activity is running throughout the year, on every second Saturday of each month, depending on availability.

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Dog fight experience in Timisoara

Dog fight experience in Timisoara

This special activity, designed for daring people who love flying, will put you in the shoes of an airplane pilot during an air-air confrontation.